Marco Zamudio


Marco Zamudio was born 18 May 1973. He studied Visual Arts and obtained a degree at the National School of Fine Arts, San Carlos (1992-1995). He focused in design and graphic communication.


Marco was assistant of ambience and museography of the exhibition "Visions of America : Urban Realism " at MOMA (Museum of Modern Art) in New York and "Self Portrait in Mexico 90's" (Museum of Modern Art in Mexico City). From 1994-95 he created the design for the exhibition catalogs cited above.

In 2010 he donated the mural "THE PASSENGER " to the Mexico City Metro and dedicated to the people of Mexico, to his family, friends and his wife Jazz.   

Marco won first place in the First Sacrum Painting Contest: "El Evangelio Según San Lucas".

He has participated in ​​over ten solo exhibitions and forty group exhibitions.


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